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“ This trio of talented and versatile performers has a wealth of knowledge of circus acts, burlesque, dance history, and they keep the show interesting, funny, and sometimes amazing.”

The Columbus Dispatch

“ …danced with impressive subtlety and focus…”

The New York Times

“….Eoin O’Brien – may be reaching toward serious, contemporary dance”

The Columbus Dispatch

“ all successful art forms, it depends on the performers carrying the audience away from themselves…and it depends on performers who can dazzle…Grimaldi Circus offers those moments.”

The Columbus Dispatch

“amusing and visually memorable.”

The Columbus Dispatch

“truly something for almost everyone.”

Columbus Alive’s Best of Columbus article

“A humorist/acrobat called Senhor Palenta performed two short pieces…In the second he dived through a small round hoop on top of a pedestal – the sort one normally associate with small, agile, circus dogs.  It was quite impressive.”

The Columbus Dispatch

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