Eoin O’Brien is a third generation circus performer that has continued his family legacy with his own company, Dr. Danga Grimaldi Circus.  He has been a living artifact representing both vaudeville and circus at the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

Born on the Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus “in a trunk”, as they say in show business, he began traveling at two months old and began his career at the mere age of two.  He contributed to his father’s act beginning at age four, becoming a regular performance juggler, unicyclist, and wirewalker.  His mother specialized in aerial grace, where Eoin was taught the fundamentals of aerial work.  Growing up on the circus bandwagon, Eoin was taught single and flying trapeze, Spanish web, acrobatics, the art of clowning, stagecraft, as well as exotic animal training and care.

Dr. Danga Grimaldi Circus has been creating unique and artistic performances since 1991.  He has performed all over the United States and Europe with his family at a young age as well as an adult performer with his own productions.  Dr. Grimaldi Circus has been entertaining audiences in Columbus area specifically for more than two decades.  Eoin strives to blend tried true circus arts and performance acumen with 21st century design elements, music, and concepts with his company in an effort to dazzle with traditional daring feats coupled with contemporary charm.  Eoin honed his skills with troupes such as the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus, The Royal Hanneford Circus, The Nordmark International Circus, The T.N.T Circus, The Tazan Zerbini Circus, Ringling Bros., and Walt Disney World to name a few.

The skills he developed with these associations include dance, juggling, stilt dance, acrobatics, slack rope walking, fire eating, and aerial trapeze work.  With these skills he has designed large-scale club events, specialty costumes, video collages, puppets, massive sets for his own work as well as fellow companies and art installations.  Eoin is also an award-winning poet and has written as well as directed numerous films.  As an Artist, Eoin plays with the use of “circus” not as a gimmick but rather an artist’s personal narrative.

Eoin earned his BFA at The Ohio State University and has danced in numerous choreographers’ work such as Kristina Isabelle, Victoria Uris, Susan Van Pelt, John Giffin, and has danced for the Columbus Opera.  Eoin’s stilt dance technique and direction established the Kristina Isabelle Dance Company.  He has taught master classes and workshops in stilt dance, gymnastics and acro-sport.  His work has been produced in: New York, Los Angeles, Paris France, Florid Dance Festival, Burning Man, Columbus Fringe Festival, Ohio Dance Festival, Fort Worth Arts Festival, Bytom International Dance Festival in Poland as well as others throughout his career.

Eoin O’Brien’s goal for his classes and workshops is to inspire, to educate, and to build confidence through circus arts, dance, and performance.  With his extensive knowledge and unique upbringing Eoin hopes to pass on his insight, artistry and technique with positive classroom instruction that will expand movement potential, allow for self-expression, and stimulate imagination.  His classes aim to aid his students in developing their own unique identity and performance style arming students with the tools and fundamentals of dance, stage presence, and acrobatics. He combines old world styles with current approaches popular in today’s society. His philosophy for his classes is simple, to inspire and enhance the next generation of performers.